I S Baweja

Director, Global E-Auctions

  • He is leading the team of Global E-Auctions as Director since 2008.

  • I.S Baweja is a well known E-Auctions expert and authority by virtue of his long experience and innovation done in the implementation of E-Auctions in different companies.

  • He is Mechanical Engineer with vast experience of Steel industry and E-Auctioning in SAIL.

  • He worked as General Manager in charge of Steel Melting & Rolling Mills of Bokaro Steel Plant, largest steel plant in Asia.

  • He was responsible for introducing and implementation of E-Auctions in SAIL, Bokaro Steel Plant for selling and disposal including different categories of idle assets since early years of 2000

  • He was part of one of the largest E-Auctioning company of the world for conducting all type of eAuctions successfully for Sale and Purchase of Good and Services for major clients of India.

  • In Global E-Auctions, he has conceived and implemented new concepts of E-Auctioning including the Rank Auctions

  • He has evolved innovative ways of planning and designing of different categories of E-Auctions efficiently and effectively for success including the intricacies of fixing the start bid prices, selection of right type of E-Auctions.

  • He has successfully introduced user friendly international shipping E-Auctions from one country to other on Door to Door basis.